Living A Simpler Life.

It all started with a vintage Shasta camper.

We spend so much of our lives amassing THINGS. We place such value on material possessions and not enough value on the simple things that make life so special. I am in the process of simplifying my life.

I came to a point where I just felt like I was spinning my gears. Nothing was really making me happy. During this time, I had become more and more interested in lightening my load. I wanted to own less and enjoy more. I wanted to work at something that made a difference. I wanted happiness and joy. I wanted simplicity. 

That is when something clicked in my brain. I had followed some information on minimalism and watched so many people take it to the extreme. I also knew that it couldn’t work for me, at least not the way many do it, with big sprawling homes devoid of any personality after they strip them of all the things that make a house a home .It was then that I knew that traditional minimalism is not what I sought. Simplicity and home all wrapped into one is what I want. A tiny little house with just enough room, just enough around to feel like home, to be cozy. I don’t want a bunch of empty space. I want personality, I want it to be comfortable and happy and vibrant and alive. I also want it to be easy to care for. I don’t want to spend all my precious time dusting and cleaning a bunch of space that I don’t need. 

A tiny house is perfect. Just enough space to be happy and comfortable, and a small enough space that cleaning it takes only minutes. It was like the universe wanted this for me also, because a little old camper came into my life. It needs some work to make it safe and livable and most of all to make it mine. Follow along as I work on it and take the first steps toward a simple life. At first I will be using it for weekends that I am working out of town. Later it just might end up being my home!